Why use Texas Heritage Real Estate?

Many times Dallas, Texas real estate buyers avoid using the services of a Realtor under the mistaken belief that it costs them money – or that they will be able to negotiate a better deal directly with the seller or seller’s real estate agent. This can be an expensive mistake when you are buying a home. If you are negotiating directly with the seller or seller’s real estate agent, you may not be taking advantage of the best value available in the market today! You can have your own realtor, with Texas Heritage Real Estate, a buyer broker or buyers agent, who is committed to using the experience gained through hundreds of successful Dallas real estate negotiations for your benefit at no additional charge to you!

Real estate is a unique business, where an agent with almost no experience and no home sales gets paid the same commission as a real estate agent with several years of experience and hundreds of successful sales. But, an experienced Realtor can help you avoid costly mistakes, find the best home value, and make your home buying or relocation experience enjoyable and stress-free! When viewing homes for sale, it is important for homebuyers to know and understand who the seller’s agent is working for, the seller! The agent may be working as a sub-agent or representing the seller’s best interests during negotiations,- or as your agent representing your best interests during negotiations. If you are not sure who your agent is working for ask for clarification. Realtors must fully explain agency. When negotiations begin, wouldn’t you want to know whether the information you divulge will be used for the seller’s benefit – or your’s?

The contract you sign to buy or sell a property in Dallas is a complex and legally binding document. An improperly written contract can allow the buyer or seller to void the sale, or cost you thousands of unnecessary dollars. Having an experienced Dallas Realtor who knows the “ins and outs” and can fully explain the contract you are about to sign can make your purchase a pleasant experience.